Red Dingo Dog Tags!!!

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you dog accidentally wandered from home or got lost in some unexpected way?

Danius Sukys 

One way to help allay your fears is to have a dog tag on your dog with identification and contact numbers.

We decided to fo just that and have just received our order from Red Dingo Pet Adventure!

We are so impressed with the product, their really prompt service, their follow-up to ensure the order was correct, and the quality, presentation and correctness of the final product!

We would like to recommend their services to you! Check with your local vet (as we did at King Street Veterinarian ) or check out the website:  Red Dingo Pet Adventure

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Get Up and Go!: Shot of the Week


Amazing photography from Nina Beilby, a professional photographer out of Chatswood, Sydney. She does all kinds of photography and currently has some great shots up of the Summer Qualifying Swimming events.

Check out her work on her website or follow her blog!

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Get Up and Go!: Shot of the Week


Courtesy of:

Great photography from Charlotte Reeves Photography!

Check out her website at

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Dogs With Arthritis: Types of Joints

1.  Ball and Socket Joints - ex. the hips and shoulders

Photo courtesy of InfoHorse

2.  Hinged joints - ex. the knees and elbows

Photo courtesy of

3.  Gliding Joints - ex. the wrists and ankles

Photo courtesy of

All 3 are lubricated by synovial fluid, which deteriorates as your dog ages. The lack of this fluid causes the bones to move directly on one another, creating pain for your dog.

Photo Wiki

The natural way to replace synovial fluid is to give your dog a supplement that includes chondroitin, found for example in marine collagen extract.

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Dogs with Arthritis: Signs of Arthritis


You might first notice it when your dog needs help getting into or out of the car. It might be when he just doesn't feel like going for a walk anymore. It's hard to watch your pal in pain.

Dog Arthritis, also called osteoarthritis, occurs with old age and is often genetic. While it can't be cured, it can be managed.

The key to managing your dog's pain is identifying the problem. Once you've noticed the problem it's always a good idea to get an initial assessment by your vet.

The top Signs of Arthritis are:
  •  Stiffness or Limping
  • Decreased activity or lethargy
  • Difficulty getting up or down
  • Loss of playful attitude
  • Lack of interest in exercise
  • Loss of range of motion

Ryan Gosling Helps His Dog into the Car

Once you and your vet have identified arthritis as the cause of your dog's pain, you can plan a course of action!

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Shot of the Week: The Cold Patrol - Photo Gallery - From National Geographic Magazine, Fritz Hoffman

The Cold Patrol - Photo Gallery - Pictures, More From National Geographic

Setting out in the middle of winter, a dogsled team patrols northeastern Greenland.

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Dogs With Arthritis: How Old is Your Dog?


How old is your dog really? We speak to many clients who tell us that their dog is just "too young" to have developed arthritis. Usually their dog is around 6 or 7 years old. Canine arthritis can start earlier depending on breed and injury history, but it's interesting to see just how old your pup is!

  • Small dog = 20 pounds or less

  • Medium dog = 21-50 pounds

  • Large dog = More than 50 pounds

  • (Chart and info courtesy of Pets WebMD)

    So what do you think? Were you suprised at your dog's age?

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